Bob the Builder Date

October 1, 2019

Today’s date was unexpected. I didn’t plan to do this to day, but I was tired of waiting for other people. One of the awesome things about dating yourself, you get to do whatever you want, whenever you want. If I have something that needs done, and it should involve the help of others, but others are too busy, I don’t like to sit and wait for when it is convenient for them. I have a job I need done, I am not going to put it on hold while waiting for others to make it a priority.

A few weeks ago I started the job of deep cleaning my room. I got rid of things I no longer need and I am still in the process of trying to become better organized in the space I have. I have a makeup desk that I get ready at every morning and it is always cluttered. I don’t know about you, but when my space is cluttered, I feel anxious. As though there isn’t enough space for me all the things I find important. So to de-clutter I went to Home Goods two weeks ago and picked up some wire baskets to hang from my desk. They were a great solution to put some of the things I usually put on top of my desk or things that don’t fit in the drawers because they are too big or too long.

I asked someone to help me screw them into my desk but two weeks went by and they were still sitting on my floor. I woke up from my nap today and decided enough was enough. I am dating myself, I should be self-sufficient. I don’t need anyone to help me screw a few wire baskets, I can do it. Once I set my mind to something, it will be accomplished.

I went downstairs and rummaged through my dad’s work bench, grabbed a handful of screws that looks aesthetically pleasing and would match the baskets, grabbed his drill, and ran upstairs to get to work. I instantly realized it was a little frustrating trying to hold the basket it place while also trying to screw it in place. This is the moment that three arms would have been so useful. Instead, I sat down on my floor and used my knees to balance the basket in place. I figured it would be quick and easy. Haha, jokes on me. I am trying to screw this to my desk and it won’t screw in. I tried several times and each time I was getting more annoyed. I went on YouTube and started to watch an old man, Mikes DIY Tips, to be exact, and he starts by saying, “I’ll be showing you a how to screw into wood using a wood screw.” Then it hit me, what if the aesthetically pleasing screws were not wood screws? I googled what a wood screw looked like and I in fact had a metal screw. I ran back downstairs and instead of looking at only the aesthetics, I searched for just wood screws and found a few. They didn’t match but at this point I stopped caring. Since I know I have the correct screws everything went much smoother.

It took longer than I expected but now every time I see those baskets I can smile because I put them on myself. Something so small is now going to hold so much meaning because I am becoming more self-sufficient. Sometimes the unexpected dates are the most exciting.

It always helps to have the correct and required equipment when participating in a Bob the Builder date. If you aren’t sure if what you have will do, google it. It will save you SO much time and patience.

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