Tips about Airlines and Airports for a Cancun Vacay

My boyfriend and I along with my cousin and her fiancé just came back from Cancun and here is everything you need to know if you are planning a trip to Cancun, Mexico.

We flew with Spirit Airlines, which at the time was the only one with direct flights to Cancun from Baltimore, Maryland. I have never heard of Spirit Airlines but I am not much of a flyer. When I travel I tend to drive, because I believe you see more that way. But because there is an ocean between home and the destination it was obvious we were to fly. I checked Spirit Airlines website to check the measurements of a carry-on. I personally don’t like to check bags when flying, in case they were to get lost.

The airlines allowed a carry on, plus one personal item, which could be a backpack, or purse. Due to Covid our direct flights now had a layover both ways and we had to pay for our carry-ons which was unusual. Some things I suggest when flying are when purchasing your tickets be sure to get into zone one. This means you one of the first people to board the plane and makes you one of the first people off the plane. It’s convenient if you are the type of person that doesn’t like to wait in lines.

While in the airport, due to Covid, there were certain questionnaires you had to scan from your phone and answer prior to being checked through security. I recommend filling those out while you wait in line so you are able to get through security and customs faster. I find airports to be confusing, luckily my cousin’s fiancé is a frequent flyer so it made the navigation through the airport a lot easier. Although I will say all airports we came across had a lot of employees telling you where to go, and that pertained to the Covid regulations. It was a must to wear your masks through the airport as well as the entirety of your flight.

When we reached the Mexico Airport we exchanged our currency into pesos. This is actually one of things I was worried about because my small town doesn’t have a place to exchange currency and I didn’t know where to go to exchange my currency into the correct currency for our trip. At the airport there is a small fee to exchange the currency, so with the four of us, we combined the money we wanted to transfer and did it all in one transaction so we didn’t have to pay the fee more than once.

We stayed at a resort, GR Solaris and I highly recommend visiting Mexico this way. There are many resorts that cross up and down the coast of the Caribbean. It’s actually called the hotel zone, and it is the safest option when visiting Cancun. Before we left my mom made it known to my boyfriend that “people take girls like me down there” and to look out for me. Horrible situations like that happen anywhere, but its not uncommon for those scenarios to pop up in Mexico. When we landed in Mexico, we called our hotel from inside the airport and had transportation ready for us when we left the airport that took us directly to the resort.

A lot of people go to Cancun for specific reasons, the warm weather and to get drunk. Something just tastes better when you are sipping on a mango mojito while overlooking an ocean of clear blue waters rather than the gloomy oceans back home. Within the resort the staff is what makes your stay remarkable, so tip well. This is their job, you are supporting these individuals, so be generous. This not only helps them out, but it helps you out as well. If you tip the bartender a big tip in the beginning they are going to keep you satisfied while others are asking for drinks. First hand, this is what we did and to be honest I never had to ask for a refill. Once my drink was down to the last fourth of my drink I had a new one sitting there waiting for me, and honestly it was so nice to be well taken care of.

When wanting to do excursions go through your resort, don’t just wander downtown and find a random deal. I know some people might want to go shopping and they see an interesting ad and want to do it. To be safe, go through your resort because they have the special offers and know who you need to go to. Not just in Mexico, but anywhere, ads can be misleading and you could be in a sticky situation. If you plan on leaving the resort especially during the night life, I advise you not to, but if you decide against it, go out with someone from your hotel staff. They know the area and the do’s and dont’s of where to go and where not to go. They can help you get back to the resort as well.

For a packing list or review of the resort we stayed at, check out the adventure tab for more posts.

Stay safe and radiate happiness,
– Allie

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