Where Will YOU Be in the Future?

I constantly used to think about what stage of life my ex would be at in the future. Would him and his new girlfriend be married with children in a year? Would they live together like we planned to? It used to eat at me and make me exhaustingly depressed at where he could be at in year. But what I didn’t ask myself was where would I see myself in a year.

Time is an exquisite concept. A lot can happen in a year. Change happens constantly and that is a lesson I am still learning. Change and time go hand in hand. If you picture yourself and where you could end up in six months, that could be daunting. Some people dig the unknown of where their life takes them, while others are a nervous wreck and endure a lot of stress to even think about the possibilities of where they could end up. When I finally started to look at where I would be at in a year I embraced the unknown of what was ahead of me. I rebuilt myself and was starting over and knew God had a plan for me whatever that may be. I didn’t try to figure out his plan for me all at once. I took it all day by day. One day closer to the next year meant I was one day farther away from all the hurt and pain because I was healing myself and growing into new phases of life. New opportunities the old Allie would have never dreamt of or been able to conquer.

I wish my ex the best but I no longer ask myself where he will pick up where him and I left off because that part of my story is over, and thank God it is. Don’t get me wrong, I learned a lot from that phase of life and will hold onto those lessons for the rest of my life. But now I get to take everything I learned and apply it to the life I deserve. I have so much out there to explore and become a part of and from now on I get to just live life and continue to ask myself, “So Allie where do you think you will be in the future?”

For me personally I find it exciting not knowing what comes next. I don’t plan for any particular thing because I know I don’t write my own story, but God does. I don’t stress about where I will be because I trust God will take me there. Its calming and amazing to just live life and not worry about the stress of where I will be, because I know one day I will get there.

Enjoy life. Be present. Take everything one day at a time, and always believe God has a purpose for you and your life.

Spread love and kindness,
– Allie

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