Appreciate the Wait

Sitting in church yesterday, the preacher’s sermon talks about waiting. How as people, most of us are not good at waiting. Whether it is waiting on God, waiting in traffic, or waiting for your turn in the chaotic grocery store line. Whatever it may be, most people don’t enjoy the wait.

As the preacher is continuing on, I start to daydream about all the times I asked God something and he made me wait. There are quite a few and there are still a few that I have yet to receive an answer about. I mentioned before God’s timing is different than the time we grew up on. His timing makes complete sense as it intertwines with the time we know. When God answers our questions or prayers he is doing so in his time. He gives us the answer in the exact time that we actually need it.

Sometimes we don’t always need the answer right away. Although it would be a lot easier if we got the answer we so desperately searched for, but then again we wouldn’t really appreciate the answer once it was received. While daydreaming, I thought of all the times I talked with God about who I wanted in the person that was meant for me. I questioned God and asked him if maybe I was being too demanding with all the qualities I wanted. I questioned if the person I told God I wanted was really out there. I prayed to God for so long, day after day about the same thing. About new growths within myself and how it would inventible all come back to the same topic, “Will I ever find the one that you made for me?”

I waited months, ten to be exact. But I didn’t just stand by and wait for God to show me. I decided to meet him half way and work on bettering myself so I would be prepared for when God would finally open that door. When I prayed to God about the man I wanted to marry, I also prayed that I would be at the stage of life to fully appreciate the man standing before me. While waiting for one, I realized the waiting allowed me to grow with appreciation. I was appreciating the time spent in bettering myself so I could eventually be better for my future husband. I grew to appreciate God and the way he works, and how his plan is far better than any plan I will ever have for myself. I appreciate God and how he gave me the tools I needed to flourish and become the woman I am supposed to be. I am so much more grateful for the life I live and the people who have left and appeared in my life. If one minor detail didn’t happen the way it did, then I wouldn’t be where I am today. I consider my life precious and valued. I appreciate the lessons God has shown me and taught me. I appreciate the people God has brought into my life, and the ones he removed. I appreciate everything he has ever done for me.

If I would have gotten all the answers right away, I would have never truly appreciated the answers if I didn’t have to wait for them. When something is just given to us, we take it for granted. But when something we work really hard for finally comes together, we are 1000% more appreciative of the journey.

I try not to sweat out the wait, but rather enjoy it. For I know that God is going to give me what I need when I actually need it and not when I think I need it. I owe everything I have to him. I owe who I am to him. He made it possible for me to become the person I am supposed to be.

Try to enjoy the wait, for the wait is far better than what you will expect. Take time to really value your life. When the timing is right, God will show you exactly what you need. Until then, appreciate the wait.

Sending love and guidance,
– Allie

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