Money Doesn’t Make You Rich

It’s said time and time again, “Money can’t buy you happiness” and it reigns true every single time. I’ll never understand why people choose to make millions yet ignore all the other riches of life. Living life is worth more than any money you could ever obtain. Its not like you can take it with you when you go, so why sit on it and make your whole life about how to make more of it. If you have enough to take care of your necessities and pay your bills, then consider yourself blessed. Anything more than that leaves you craving more, and more money doesn’t bring more riches.

True riches in life come from those around you. Your family, friends, your partner. People around you can make you feel as rich as a millionaire. Forgetting about the true aspects of life will leave you feeling empty. Take it from a millionaire who spoke to a friend of mine. He said he makes more money than you could ever think possible. He doesn’t have to work anymore because he accumulates so much money he will never have to work again. But you know what else he said? He would give it all up because he is lonely. No one checks on you when you have millions. No one congratulates you when you make the next dollar. You have made so much money that you are in the top tier all by yourself. He missed the genuine connections of others. He had millions of dollars, never had to work again a day in his life, yet he is willing to give all of it up for human connection. He’s even married, it’s not that he is an old man that never married, or is widowed. His wife doesn’t understand why he would want to give away him money, but I do. There are people in this world that care about one thing, and one thing only and that’s how much money they can make. Then there are people like me and the lonely millionaire, who would rather have the company of loved ones than the next expensive thing at their doorstep. Even the richest of the rich crave the connections that only comes from others. Interactions that can transform your life from a single lonely man to a husband and father. Being able to pass down your earnings, life lessons, and wisdom to your children, since you’ll never be able to take the money with you.

Don’t get carried away with trying to earn the next dollar. Instead enjoy life, make your life worth living, achieve more than how much money you can make, because those around you don’t live forever or are willing to wait for you to make millions, when millions to you will never be enough.

Consider what is important in your life, and focus on making time for those people around you because money doesn’t make you rich, people do.


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