I Now Know

I just want to start off by saying, it’s completely okay to not know. Doesn’t matter what the subject matter is, if you don’t have a solid answer for something, you will be okay because eventually the answer will come to you. With that being said, let me take you to a time within my … More I Now Know

Mind Over Matter

For the last few months I was angry with my ex and how he handled the breakup, along with what he did to me within our relationship. I caught myself hating his actions, how he loved me, what he thought love was. I found myself replaying the last two years of our relationship and rethinking … More Mind Over Matter

Happy Alone

If you read my posts from a few months back, I talked about how I was unsure a few years ago if leaving my old relationship was worth it. I didn’t know what was out there for me or if what I had was the best that I would ever have. Although I think I … More Happy Alone


I appreciate all of you who have been reading my posts and have sent heartfelt messages my way. I have been posting a lot of deep conversational posts and thought I would delight you all with an embarrassing yet oh so funny story about myself. It’s good to have some light-hearted stories mixed in with … More Electrifying

Limitless Beauty

It’s December 31st, so Happy New Year’s Eve! Almost the beginning of a whole new year. So many new beginnings and adventures to dive into. So exciting! Before we jump into the new year, I had to write you all something that has been on my mind lately. It actually hit me in the face … More Limitless Beauty