Appreciate the Wait

Sitting in church yesterday, the preacher’s sermon talks about waiting. How as people, most of us are not good at waiting. Whether it is waiting on God, waiting in traffic, or waiting for your turn in the chaotic grocery store line. Whatever it may be, most people don’t enjoy the wait. As the preacher is … More Appreciate the Wait

Mind Over Matter

For the last few months I was angry with my ex and how he handled the breakup, along with what he did to me within our relationship. I caught myself hating his actions, how he loved me, what he thought love was. I found myself replaying the last two years of our relationship and rethinking … More Mind Over Matter

I Choose Me

In August, August 25th to be exact, I committed to dating myself for a year. From now until August 25th, 2020 I am going to put myself first, not depend on others, do whatever the hell I want, and focus all of my attention on growing within myself, and loving every part about me. I … More I Choose Me