Surviving and Thriving

“Let’s not forget you are indeed surviving and thriving.”

Just like a lot of you, we have all been dealt some bad hands. Put in situations that we never dreamed of being in, having to overcome the impossible in our young lives but here we all are surviving and thriving. I see and hear a lot of people make comments or jokes that our generation is handed everything or we don’t work hard enough for the things that were so easy to get for our grandparents. I am here to say that’s a bunch of sh*t. This generation, OUR generation is so great with handling ourselves. No matter the situation, no matter what we face, I know so many people and can relate that we come out on top. It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, to feel like a let down, believe me I’ve been there and some days I feel like I am still there. But I also believe timing is everything and if you are supposed to be somewhere you will be on your own time and no one else’s. We get so caught up in the people we see in social media and we can’t help but to compare or wonder what it would be like to be them. But want to know a secret? The things you wish you had, someone else’s wishes for what you have. You are more than enough just how you are, right now, a 23 year-old who has no idea what you want to do with your life and you have no idea where to start to even figure that out. In 2018, I was a hot mess, it’s a new year and yes, surprisingly enough, I am still a hot mess. But I am learning that being undecided on my future is okay. It doesn’t make me a failure, my timeline is different from everyone else’s as it should be. Don’t be so hard on yourself, enjoy life, you don’t need all the answers right this second, although that would be much easier if we did. Be present in the moment and don’t overlook that no matter what, no matter the situation or circumstances that you are indeed surviving and thriving.

Sending positive vibes and happiness –

Signing off,

Allie Grace


Living in the moment and enjoying being present while sipping sangria's in Downtown State College, PA at Barrel 21 Distillery.
Living my best life and being present in the moment. Sipping sangria’s in Downtown State College, PA at Barrel 21 Distillery.

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