What’s It Like Traveling With Your Significant Other?

I have always wanted a significant other to travel with me. To explore the world and everything this green Earth has to offer. I have this list that I add to every year. It’s my 3-5 year traveling plan on all the places I want to visit. When I visit a place on the list, I remove it and add another place to go. I like to try to reach the goal of crossing another one off the list before the five years are up. I have had this list for as long as I can remember. In my old relationship, my ex wasn’t much into exploring. We travelled to different places in our state, but that was the extent of his want to travel.

I craved a partner that wanted to just get up and go whenever the opportunity presented itself. Sure I had friends and family to go with, but it wasn’t the same. I wanted my significant other to want to travel with me. To say yes to the adventure and just go with me wherever life took us.

When I met Benji, he told me about the cross country road trip he took for 235 days. I knew that this guy had no problem traveling and the world was the limit. I was so excited to find out that he loved traveling. I have never had a special someone that wanted to travel with me so I was excited for the endless possiblities of where we would go.

When my cousin and her fiancé asked us to vacation in Cancun with them, I was 100% down. Sure I might have been wine drunk, but I was up for anything. Benji was the exact same way. We never gave a second thought about it. We just jumped on the idea and took off.

This would be Benji and I’s first trip together as a couple. I was so excited, I have dreamt of having someone like this my whole life. I was excited to finally experience what everyone else had. What I didn’t plan for was all the questions one doesn’t think about when you’ve never experienced a vacation like this with your new significant other. Benji and I are both hard working people, we are very busy with our jobs and different hobbies. At this point Benji and I didn’t see each other a lot throughout the week and only saw each other on the weekends. I started to ask myself, “What will him and I do for a week straight with each other?” “What if we don’t like each other that much once we spend more time together?” “What if he has weird habits that I can’t deal with or vice versa?” All sorts of questions and thoughts were running through my head.

I waited my whole life for this moment and now I was getting nervous it wouldn’t pan out like I would have hoped. I was so nervous that my weird quirks would drive him away or we wouldn’t know what to do with all the extra time given to us as we spent every minute of every day together.

But y’all let me just say, Cancun was a vacation for the books. I will forever cherish Benji and I’s first vacation and traveling to Mexico. Thanks to Covid, airfare and the trip itself was pretty cheap. Even during a pandemic, God gave me what I always wanted, and that was a man that wanted to travel with me. That said yes to adventures with me, and it turned out better than I could have expected. It turns out Benji and I do like each other a lot, and we have a great time together. We are compatible and are able to keep ourselves entertained when spending a whole week together.

I can’t wait to jump into the next adventure with Benji. Until then, I will forever cherish the memories made in Cancun.

Sending love,

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