I Choose Me

In August, August 25th to be exact, I committed to dating myself for a year. From now until August 25th, 2020 I am going to put myself first, not depend on others, do whatever the hell I want, and focus all of my attention on growing within myself, and loving every part about me.

I have never been alone long enough to figure out who I am or what I want, without the opinions of others. I have always pushed what I wanted to do aside to please others. That all diminishes today. Since the first grade, literally, I have always been in a long term relationship. I’ve never had the opportunity to be by myself, and honestly, I’m not sure I ever wanted to be, until now.

I’m excited to take myself on dates, and make myself happy, and just be me for once, without the need to think about others. I can’t wait to speak my mind about anything and be free. I dedicate this year to me and my well-being. I choose to love me every single day. I can’t wait to take you on this adventure of me dating myself. C’mon, let’s roll.

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